Episode 003: Twist Collective and Call of Doody

Episode 3 finds our intrepid hostesses reviewing the new Twist Collective, debating the merits of Gary Oldman (awesome, or THE MOST awesome?), and searching for meaning in first-person shooters.


Bonus link: Redshirt Knitting has a post on why dye lots matter.


    Bonus links: Mayer coat, Sylvi coat, Luminen coat (not Snowdrop. Silly Julie.)


    Bonus Link: I Dye for Doctor Who (Ravelry group)


    5 Responses to “Episode 003: Twist Collective and Call of Doody”

    1. Bobbi says:

      Hello ladies! I found out about your podcast after hearing about it on a Doctor Who podcast that was playing the podcast talk (?) at Chicago TARDIS. I love your show. You sound like fun people to be around. I adore the baby noises in the background – it reminds me of when mine were little, before they could talk and argue with each other. You have a cool way of blending your love of fibery stuff and nerdy, scifi stuff. Keep up the great work – I can’t wait for more episodes.

    2. Hi. do you have a promo I can play as part of the Tin Dog Podcast. (you may have heard of me? im 154 shows in and am now in my 5th year with over 3k listeners) I heard you on the CHICAGO TARDIS podcast panel special podcast and like your show.

      please email me tin-dog@hotmail.co.uk



    3. Tina R says:

      Hi Julie, I was wondering do you also post knitting patterns?

      Tina Rosiaro
      Photographer http://www.bulbamerica.com
      Philips Bulbs

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